French woman sensitises slum dwellers, villagers in Gaya to cast vote

Gaya : At a time when political leaders in Bihar are busy attacking each other for the sake of votes and treating the electorates just as a means to achieve their ultimate goal, a woman from France, Dr Jene Pere, is sensitising slum dwellers and villagers living here to cast their votes to bring about positive changes in their condition.
Dr Pere visits door-to-door in slum areas to sensitise eligible inhabitants to exercise their franchise with utmost wisdom for a change of their status quo, as just complaining about their problems won’t serve the purpose.
She told them to come out and vote in large numbers to a candidate with clean image, who could fulfil their needs.
“I am suggesting them that they should vote massively, because it is very important to raise their voice, it is very important to be responsible. They should not just keep on complaining that they don’t have this or that and it’s never coming, but they should raise their voice. They need to listen to the best candidate, who will fulfil their needs, because they need so many things. For example, roads are totally broken and there is no power and potable water supply, which are basic things for survival,” said Dr Pere.
“I have travelled to so many villages and their condition is more or less similar, it means there is not much improvement, so it’s an opportunity for them and they must not stay at their homes and vote,” said Dr Pere.
Dr Pere is a social worker, who is educating poor children free of cost for long in Bodh Gaya.
Ram Prasad Manjhi, a local, said, “Dr Pere has told us to vote for the candidate who can work for our development and welfare. Though she is a foreigner, she is very helpful to us. She teaches to our children up to intermediate level and helps youths find a job. She really takes care of us.”