French police warn of lead contamination after Notre Dame blaze

Paris: The French police on Saturday warned residents living in the vicinity of the Notre Dame cathedral of lead contamination arising from the blaze which ravaged the historic structure on April 15.
The civilians have been advised to clean the dust, which settled after the inferno, with wet wipes, according to Sputnik.
The warning was issued based on tests which revealed that the cathedral’s frame, as well as its spire, discharged particles of the metal following the blaze which destroyed parts of the iconic Parisian landmark.
The probe revealed that lead was found in areas near the cathedral, outlining that it was “very localized” and “notably on premises that may have been standing open at the time of the fire, and where dust had settled”.
Public areas which fall under the threat of potential lead contamination have been shut down and will not be reopened until lead levels stabilize, according to the police.
Nearly one billion US dollars were raised to rebuild the cathedral within days of the blaze.