French PM’s bizarre statement on ‘headscarf’, ‘burkini’ sparks row

Paris: The French Prime Minister, Manuel Vallas slammed for his statement that the “naked breasts are more representative of France than a headscarf or burkinis” in the latest break out of the political row over burkini.

According to the news published in The Times of India, In a speech on Monday night he clashed with the France’s education minister in the support of the mayors who have banned full-body swimsuits from beaches, he addressed the bare breasts of Marianne, a national symbol of the French Republic.

“Marianne has a naked breast because she is feeding the people! She is not veiled, because she is free! That is the republic!” he exploded at a government rally.

His comments were mocked by the historiahn Mathilde Larrere, who called vallas as a “cretin” adding “Marrianne has naked breasts because it’s an allegory. Depictions of Marianne are an “artistic code” and not related to feminity.”

“Marianne has a naked breast because it’s an allegory, you cretin!” She then explained in a long series of tweets that images of Marianne with a naked breast harked back to classical allusions, tweeted by the Mathilde Larrere, a historian of the French revolution and French citizenship.