Free vitamins to every mum-to-be in Scotland

London: Free vitamins will be provided to every pregnant woman in Scotland from Saturday in a move aimed at giving every new baby the best start in life.

According to the Scottish government, the roll-out of the scheme as part of a “healthy start” initiative will cost around $312,000 a year, Xinhua news agency reported.

It said the move was aimed at improving the health of parents and children.

Health officials in Scotland have also launched a country-wide survey into maternal and infant nutrition.

The survey will see data gathered on nutrition, breastfeeding, formula feeding and weaning practices, and help the health service strengthen the support offered to new mothers.

Scotland’s Health Minister Aileen Campbell said: “We are committed to giving every child in Scotland the very best start in life and helping women to enjoy a healthy pregnancy is a key part of this.”

“There is strong evidence that taking vitamins during pregnancy improves both the mother and baby’s health. By offering vitamins, we can contribute towards giving every baby a fair and equal chance, a move that is widely supported by healthcare professionals,” Campbell added.