Free online mock tests for JEE-NEET and any CET for 2020

Hyderabad: The COVID-19 pandemic turned JEE-NEET aspirants away from CET away from the coaching institutions and instead veered them towards online teaching. has joined hands with Siasat, the national Daily Newspaper to help aspirants assess their learning at home via self-generated tests in multiple subject topics online to practice time management. This will help them get an instant SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis.

Siasat has come forward to sponsor free self-generated Mock Tests from a structured question bank of 160,000 multiple choice/answer questions in Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics-Biology for the Engineering, Medical and Agriculture streams. Due to the pandemic relegating students, especially rural ones, to their homes, they can practice self-assessment tests at home and prepare for final exams with ease to be held in the month of July 2020. is an online testing working for the students at the +2 level for the last two decades in digital assessment of the learning made at the institutions. It teaches time management which is integral to success in tackling the examination. It will give the result of mock examinations with the SWOT analysis and the solution of the questions too.

Students can use the Siasat link on the site to register with a valid e-mail ID and mobile number for OTP verification. After the verification, the user ID will be sent to the registered mobile. The user ID itself will be the password for the first time which can be changed after login.

The aspirant can choose the subjects, topics and numbers of questions and time of examination. That system generates a random mock test paper which can be practices. Aspirants can write as many examinations till the end of July 2010 free of cost to prepare for the exam during the pandemic.

Few consolidated mock tests will be conducted in the first week of July to gauge the final assessment before going to the Final Joint Entrance Examination.

We treat any exam as the same — be it Chemistry, NEET-JEE, and CET like any other subjects while the magnitude of toughness and quantity changes. We anticipate that the aspirant will study and assess themselves in each subject, topic, and face the final examination with adequate preparation and a smile.

Nr, Raju L. Kanchibota, CEO of E-Pariksha, and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, CEO of Siasat Daily have come together as a gesture to all JEE-NEET-CET aspirants for this year for Corporate Social Responsibility towards the nation.