Free ambulance service: Aam Aadmi Party Sign Deals with WIPRO

Delhi Government, Aam Aadmi Party Sign Deals with WIPRO for Free Ambulance Service an MoU with tech giant Wipro for procuring and maintaining 110 modern ambulances, besides setting up and operating a modern control room, under its “Home to Hospital Care”.

As per the agreement, Wipro will procure 100 basic life support and 10 advanced life support ambulances.

The company will also look after operation and maintenance of ambulances. The total project cost is estimated at about Rs14 crore, including project maintenance cost and technical support cost for six years.

The work of the setting of the control room would start in the second week of September. As per the Cabinet decision, three project components involved include procurement of 110, 100BLS and 10ALS new ambulances.

The official said the infrastructure, features and functional outputs envisaged in the proposed modern control room are as per the best international practices. “This new control room will be the most advanced in India, capable to meet the present and future requirements in terms of hardware infrastructure, software application, etc.”

As per the plan, the modern control room will have 20 seats and the facility will be ISO certified. There will be a separate seat for four people which will work as backup control room.

“We will also be able to locate and track all the ambulances available in the field through GPS. In order to increase the efficiency and prompt response, the nearest available ambulance will be dispatched in case of emergency through Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system,” he said.