France: No quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors from Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Saudi travelers who have been fully vaccinated will not have to be quarantined upon arrival in France, according to new rules unveiled by the French government on Friday.

Welcoming travelers from Saudi Arabia to his country, France’s ambassador to the kingdom Ludovic Pouille announced the news on Twitter.

Ludovic took to Twitter and wrote, “Dear friends from #Saudi Arabia, starting from #9 June, if you have been vaccinated and have a valid visa, you can travel to France using the PCR test check Less than 72 hours before departure and without quarantine on arrival!”

The new measures, which will take effect on June 9, are part of the French government’s efforts to ease international travel bans, which should affect the country’s economy from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, those who are fully vaccinated will still be required to present negative test results – although a previous requirement for quarantine will be eliminated, and non-essential travel will no longer be restricted.

Non-vaccinated visitors will need to provide reason for the entry, a negative test, and will also have to quarantined for seven days.