France: 57 people, including 48 policemen, injured in protests over rising fuel prices

Toulouse: At least 48 police officers were among the 57 people that were injured on Saturday during protests held here over the rising fuel prices in the country.

“This Saturday, December 1, serious incidents happened in the centre of Toulouse as part of the unsanctioned rallies. The security forces were attacked by the demonstrators. The last updated report indicates that 57 people were injured, including 48 police officers,” Sputnik quoted a statement from the Haute-Garonne prefecture as saying on Sunday.

The statement further confirmed that five of the 48 police officers were hospitalised.
The protest was held by the “yellow vests”, what French drivers are commonly referred to as owing to the yellow reflective vests they wear. Demonstrations have been held since November 2017 to protest the rising fuel prices.

In 2017, the President Emmanuel Macron-led government raised the direct tax on diesel, the most common fuel in the country. Since January 2018, diesel prices have increased by around 23 per cent, while petrol is retailed at 15 per cent higher costs. The prices are expected to rise further in January next year.

Speaking on the protests, Macron asserted that his country will not change their decision on the hike in fuel prices. He further condemned the violence and stated that those causing it will be brought to justice.