Frame your questions, answer them; students love IIT Goa’s new exam style!

Panaji: Due to the ongoing pandemic and the disruption caused to the academic cycle this year, many universities across India are choosing either to postpone or cancel the conduct of final examinations to students.

But, a few of them are still trying to make the most of the existing set-up and conducting exams online. Some turned innovative too.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa is continuing its academic cycle as usual by online means and has chosen a quirky way to finish the semester. We don’t know about those from that university, but students across are loving it!

A picture of an end-semester examination question is the reason why. In the viral picture are instructions that asked students to prepare the questions for themselves from their entire syllabus and then answer those questions.

Framing the questions itself will fetch the students 30 marks.

As the students will be setting up their own papers, the Goa IIT lecturers believe that setting a question will require a complete understanding of the course and its content. If the student has not gone through the course properly, they won’t be able to prepare any question, leave alone answer it and to add more that, professors can even detect plagiarism if the students go for the same questions. 

While many netizens support this unique approach and call it a smart move, others are here just for laughs.