Four platforms spurring growth of local businesses

New Delhi: The impact of an increasingly robust e-commerce mechanism and digital payment has seeped into all strata of society, and is largely helping local businesses flourish.

Local economies have seen drastic transformation with the advent of new technology, be it in terms of sales, marketing or any other function. Moreover, the web has also started to reinvent the system, with popular cab facilitators and e-commerce giants taking lead.

In this regard, here are some technology-driven platforms that are aiming to help these local businesses make profits by providing them better technology or a platform to increase their sales:

Amazon? ?

It is an easy way for local vendors to grow their business and reach to a large audience. As an Amazon seller, one just need to create an account for free, list their products, start selling online and increase the sales and profit.


It is an online marketplace to discover India. The website provides individual sellers to sell their traditional or handmade products like sarees, hand crafted gift items, home decor and accessories. It is a popular platform for the artisans who are working with traditional Indian handicrafts and arts.

??RoadCast? ?

It is a tech-driven asset monitoring, fleet management and vehicle tracking platform. It helps local taxi vendors streamline their business processes and enhance efficiency in the wake of the rising competition from industry giants. It assists vendors to embrace the technology and improve business through different features like- Sharing vehicle location, automated invoicing, easy ride management, round the clock visibility and navigation to pick up/drop point.

?? ?

It is a marketplace for regional sweets and handicrafts. The startup aims to bring the authentic flavours and art at customer’s doorstep. It does not only caters to India but also let local vendors sell their products to international audience and brings the local taste to the foreign nationals as well.(ANI)