Four flights make emergency landing in last 24 hours

New Delhi: Four flights made an emergency landing in the last 24 hours. All passengers on the flights are safe.

On Sunday, Air India Express IX-247 en route Dubai from Mumbai made an emergency landing at Mumbai airport due to hydraulic failure.

Earlier in the day, Delhi bound SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing at Varanasi airport at 10 am due to a snag in the left engine. The flight with over 140 passengers on-board commenced from Hong Kong. The passengers are safe.

“The flight was diverted to Varanasi after the pilots noticed low fuel supply in No. 1 engine,” SpiceJet spokesperson told ANI.

“Pilots followed the SoP (Standard operating Procedure) and landed safely in Varanasi. The passengers were deplaned normally. On inspection, a fuel control valve (a minor component) was found to have malfunctioned and is being replaced. The aircraft will be back in operation by evening,” the spokesperson added.

On Saturday night, an emergency was declared at Kolkata airport after an Air India plane started leaking fuel. The Air India flight AI-335 en route Delhi from Bangkok suspected technical glitch around 10:35 pm. No one was injured.

“At around 10.35 pm due to a suspected technical glitch, Bkk-Del AI335, operated with an A320neo made a precautionary landing at Kolkata airport. Passengers were later flown to Delhi at 2.30 am. Aircraft operated on Kolkata-Mumbai route this morning after thorough checks,” said Air India in a statement.

On Saturday, a Kolkata-Chennai Indigo flight returned to Chennai shortly after take-off due to technical snag observed by the crew. The airlines stated that it was merely a normal operating procedure and that no emergency landing was declared.

“Flight 6E 923 (Neo) operating on Chennai-Kolkata route on 3 January returned to Chennai after take-off due to technical caution noted by a crew. The crew followed normal operating procedures and asked for a priority landing. There was no engine shutdown and no emergency landing was declared,” the statement by the flight read.

According to sources, the IndiGo flight was stalled mid-air and a loud bang, sparks and heavy vibration of engines were reported. The flight then returned to Chennai with damaged engine blades.