Foster the spirit of communal harmony with ‘Qaumi Ekta Week’

New Delhi: In its bid to festoon the spirit of communal harmony, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced the nationwide observance of “Qaumi Ekta Week” or the “National Integration Week” from 19 November to 25 November. Whereby, each day would be dedicated to different aspects of national integration and harmony, that will help in preventing the secular fabric of our society.

The very first day would be observed as “National Integration Day” wherein programmes like meetings, symposia and seminars will be organized to lay emphasis on the values of secularism, anti-communalism, and non-violence.

Following it, on Tuesday the Centre would observe the “Welfare of Minorities Day” whereby 15 point programme will be held all across the nation. Also, in riot-prone towns, special processions are required to be taken out keeping up with the message of communal harmony and fraternity.

While Wednesday would be observed as “Linguistic Harmony Day” for which Special literary functions and “Kavi Sammelans” will be organized. It aims at enabling people of each region to appreciate the linguistic heritage of the other parts of the nation, said the statement from MHA.

The next day i.e. Thursday would be observed as “Weaker Sections Day” with meetings and rallies to be organised to highlight various government programmes and schemes regarding the welfare and upliftment of Scheduled Castes (SC) , Scheduled Tribes (ST) and weaker sections of the society with particular emphasis on the distribution of surplus land to landless labourers.

Friday would be marked as “Cultural Unity Day” wherein cultural functions will be organized to showcase the Indian’s unity in diversity and for the conservation of culture.

On Saturday, Women’s Day will be celebrated highlighting the importance of women in Indian society and their role in nation building.

The “Qaumi Ekta Week” will conclude with the celebration of the “Conservation Day” on November 25 to generate awareness regarding conservation of the environment. On this day several meetings and functions will be organized emphasizing on the growing need for awareness and action to conserve the environment.

“The observation of the ‘Quami Ekta Week’ will help to highlight the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand actual and potential threats to the eclectic and secular fabric of our country, and nurture a spirit of communal harmony in its widest sense. This occasion also provides an opportunity to reaffirm age-old traditions and faith in the values of tolerance, co-existence, and brotherhood in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society,” stated MHA.

The National Foundation for Communal Harmony (NFCH), an autonomous organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs will also organize Communal Harmony Campaign in consonance with the Qaumi Ekta Week and would also observe the “Communal Harmony Flag Day” on November 25.

The NFCH works for promoting the communal harmony and strengthening the national integration. It also provides financial assistance for relief and rehabilitation of children rendered orphan or destitute in communal, caste, ethnic or terrorist violence.