Former minister Shahabuddin moves Delhi High Court over ‘torture’ in jail

New Delhi: Former RJD Member of Parliament, Mohammad Shahabuddin who is facing a trial for allegedly killing a scribe in Siwan, has moved to Delhi High Court against Tihar Jail for keeping him in solitary in an attempt to torture him.

His counsel, Rudro Chatterjee, said that Shahabuddin has been kept in a dingy room since the time he has been shifted to Tihar jail from Siwan. The counsel further told the court that he has been permanently kept in the solitary cell for the past one year, without natural light. He has been taken out only for the few legal interviews with his advocates, that are held in the office room, the court was told.

“Such torturous treatment coupled with the impediment on the movement of the petitioner for the purposes of his production is taking a heavy toll on his physical and mental health. He has lost more than 15 kg weight since his transfer to Tihar. He is being put through such physical and mental torture as a part of a deliberate design to inflict grave illnesses,” Chatterjee said.

His counsel had filed a habeas corpus plea that sought direction to authorities to produce him before the court and also asked for appropriate orders for his safety.