Former Israeli Dy Foreign Minister justifies Israel’s nuclear policy

Jerusalem: In a head-to-head conversation, Journalist Mehdi Hasan posed many questions to former Israeli Dy. Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon. The questions were related to the killings of Palestinians by Israeli security forces, Israel nuclear program etc.

In the entire conversation, Mr. Danny Ayalon tried to justify the killings of Palestinians by Israeli army men. He held Hamas responsible for the current situation in Gaza strip.

When Mr. Hasan asked, “How many nuclear weapons does Iran have as of today?”, Mr. Danny said, “right now, I hope none”. However, responding to Mr. Hasan’s statement, “experts say Israel has 80-400 nuclear weapon”, Mr. Danny said, “So what?”

Justifying Isreal’s nuclear policy, Mr. Danny asked, “has Isreal ever threatened any country?”. He also said that as Isreal is not a signatory of NPT, it is not breaking any law.