Former Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi is on vacation in Goa

New Delhi: Former Congress Chief is finally having her own time after her son Rahul Gandhi took over as Congress Chief on 16 December ending the speculations of his position in the party.

She has served as the longest serving Congress President and now is reportedly relaxing at a resort having her holiday time in Goa. She is expected to return in the first week of January.

Interacting with the guests, cycling in the resort, allowing people to click selfies with her she surely is having quite a relaxing time.

Rahul is currently busy holding meetings analyzing the recently concluded Gujarat and Himachal elections for which he had campaigned.

He has also attended the 133rd foundation day of Congress at the party’s headquarters in Delhi on Thursday.

Sonia is currently staying at the same hotel she had visited last year in Goa when she was advised to stay out of Delhi since the pollution was affecting her Health, Zee news reported.