Former assistant sues Stan Lee for ‘mental abuse’

Washington DC, August 14 : The former assistant Shawn Lukaszewicz has accused Stan Lee and his wife and daughter with a lawsuit for inflicting mental abuse and threats while he worked for the Marvel Comics icon.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lukaszewicz said that he was initially hired by the Lee family to create and run a booth for Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention a job that quickly turned into a nightmare for him, the Fox News reported.

He further added that he was also subjected to abuse by Lee’s daughter, known as JC, who told him “you are f?-?-?king stupid,” as well as calling him a “retarded a?-?-?hole, claiming that JC become severely abusive after taking alcohol.

Lukaszewicz also mentions in the documents how lucky he was to work for the most powerful people in the entertainment industry and he therefore, should be thankful for the abuse adding, they refused to pay him for all the hours he worked.

On the other hand, JC claimed that in her complaint that Lukaszewicz falsely imprisoned her in the car after driving her to San Francisco, then refused to let her exit the vehicle, demanding she should pay him his agreed driving fee of 700 dollars along with his air fare back to L.A. (ANI)