Form National Govt. before situation goes out of control: Katju

Hyderabad: Retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju on Wednesday proposed to immediately form a National Government at the centre before the situation goes out of control due to coronavirus pandemic. He also tagged prime minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in his twitter post.

Observing that the prevailing situation in India calls for a National Government, Justice Katju wrote on his Facebook post “In view of the present situation prevailing in India because of the corona pandemic, in my opinion a National Govt should be formed immediately.”

He suggested to include members of various political parties, as well as scientific, technical and administrative experts in the government.

Claiming that the problem is too big for the present BJP Govt to handle alone, Katju suggested, Mr Modi can continue as the PM, but an Opposition leader should be made the Dy PM.”

He cited the example when Prime Minister Winston Churchill had set up a War Cabinet consisting of members of both his own Conservative Party as well as the then opposition Labour Party in May 1940 when the Nazi Germany danger was looming large over England.