Forget nutrition, milk gets adulterated with cancer causing substances

Hyderabad: Gone are days when milk was one of the sources of all the nutrients. Adulteration of milk is now becoming a health hazard.

Milk is contaminated with, detergent, foreign fat, starch, sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, sugar, urea, pond water, salt, maltodextrin, sodium carbonate, formalin and ammonium sulphate.

Dietician P Padma says, “Adulterants like detergent, urea and pond water are found to cause food poisoning and other gastrointestinal complications. The high alkaline level in these adulterants damages body tissue and destroys proteins. Other synthetic components cause impairments, heart problems and are one of the causes for cancer,” DC reports.

Cattle are getting injected with Oxytocin which is an artificial hormone leading to harmful effects to cattle as well as human.

The milk from these animals is causing hormonal imbalances and leading to early puberty. There have been recorded incidents of gynecomastia or development of breasts in male children.
Doctors and dieticians state that the milk has to be brought to a boiling point and then kept on a slow flame for 10 minutes and allowed to boil further so that all the microorganisms will be killed.