Forget ISIS, Asaram has 2000 fidayeen: Suspect reveals to cops

Police received a major breakthrough with the detention of Narayan Pandey in connection with murder of a crucial witness Kripal Singh in Asaram rape case.

Pandey, in a startling revelation, confessed before police that he was indeed behind the murder of a prime witness and said that Asaram has a ‘fidayeen-like squad’.

As per a report in TOI, Pandey said the self-styled godman has of 2,000 followers, whose mission is to live and die for their leader and they will kill any person deposing against him.

Fearing more attacks, the police have taken more safety measures by tightening the security of the Shahjahanpur girl who accused Asaram of rape.

“Judging from Pandey’s confession, more bloodshed is likely to follow as Pandey and his associates are also desperately baying for the blood of the Shahjahanpur girl who accused Asaram of rape, as well as her father,” said JP Tiwari, Inspector of the Sadar Bazar police station, under whose jurisdiction the prime witness Kripal Singh was murdered on July 10.

Tiwari is also in charge of interrogating Pandey was arrested in Jaipur on July 22. The facts rising from his confession now have Bareilly police apprehensive.

Babloo Kumar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Shahjahanpur said, “Pandey has said that a group of highly motivated and dedicated followers have made it their mission to live and die for Asaram and eliminate anyone they see as an impediment to their spiritual leader,” said Tiwari.

During interrogation and while being taken to court, said police, Pandey exhibited a boldness which is out of character of ordinary criminals as he refused to cover his face saying:

“I am not a criminal and whatever I have done is for Bapuji, who is the son of god. The developments are part of a well-planned conspiracy hatched by Bapu’s critics to stall his release”.

“He has also revealed that more than 2,000 committed followers like him are moving around the country and are willing to risk their life to save Asaram from the law. Pandey also said that Asaram’s confidants had authorized him to strike a deal with Kripal Singh for Rs 25 lakh and the girl’s father for Rs 50 lakh if they agreed to withdraw the case against the godman,” Tiwari said.

Police officials are also concerned that if sufficient measures are not taken, these alleged devoted Asaram followers might carry out other similar attacks in the future.

Pandey himself was operating under a false name when he was caught conducting a recce of the survivor’s house in December last year, although he was released in next to no time afterwards.