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“Forget about the idea of ever defeating us’: Taliban chief tells U.S

“Forget about the idea of ever defeating us’: Taliban chief tells U.S

Islamabad : Afghan Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhundzada has warned the United States of more attacks in Afghanistan while stating that the deaths of Mullah Omar and Mullah Mansoor have not impaired the insurgency.

In his first recorded ‘Eid message’ since taking over command in May after the death of Mullah Mansoor in an airstrike, he asked the US to end what he called the ‘occupation of Afghanistan.’

In a formal statement released on Saturday, Akhundzada said U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent decision to expand the U.S. military role in authorising further airstrikes against militants will not deter Taliban.

“We condemn this effort of prolonging this war and occupation and remind the Americans that the Afghan nation has bravely faced all your might over the past 15 years,” the Express Tribune quoted Akhundzada as saying.

“We are waging sacred jihad against your invasion as a single nation, forget about the idea of ever subduing, defeating and forcing us to lay down our arms,” Akhundzada added.

Akhundzada further said the new policy will only result in more deaths of American troops and waste of resources.

“You are facing not a group or faction, but a nation. You are not going to be the winner,” he added. (ANI)