Alijahpur Golconda Qutub Shahi mosque I uninhabited
Hyderabad, September 30: Masjid Qutub Shahi Alijahpur is located near the uninhabited mosque Eidgah Qutub Shahi (Seven Tombs) near Alijahpur. There are two Qutub Shahi mosques and a few graves in Alijahpur. The total area of the mosque land is 1 acre 24 guntas. It is on the record under serial number 13 of page 43 dated 01-7-1982 of government gazette. Land grabbers are eying on this land. It is said that a non Muslim family wants to occupy the remaining waqf land of the two mosques after constructing a house on it. Waqf board should immediately come into action. It should take over the two mosques along with the valuable waqf land and rehabilitate it. Since it is surrounded by a large number of Muslims.

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