Qutub Shahi mosque Mushiatullah, uninhabited
Hyderabad, October 31: Qutub Shahi mosque Mushiatullah is located in Dargah Hazrat Syed Mushiatullah Qaudri and Hazrat Syed Imamullah Shah Qaudri, Osman Bagh Chataknipura. There is a mosque opposite to the dargah which the local people call as Mushiatullah Ghairabad. The municipal number of the mosque is 19-1-1049 and the ward no is 19. The mosque has been mentioned in government gazette number 6A. This gazette was released on February 9, 1989 with serial no 2023. It is registered on the 5th page of the gazette. The sad part is that this uninhabited mosque is located in an area having 100 percent Muslim population.

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