Food lovers, head to newly opened ‘Trend’ for exotic cuisines

New Delhi [India]: If you are amongst those who leave no stone unturned when it comes to flavours then you would surely love the newly opened restaurant, ‘Trend’, which promises to give consumers a whole new experience with unique flavours and cuisines.

True to its name, Trend opened at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi is a culinary statement in itself. The restaurant focuses on chic dining and a modernist appeal in cooking and presenting food to indulge the diners’ palate and visual senses. Along with vividly modern techniques like plated cocktails, Trend makes you experience things ranging from food finishing right at your table to unique servings in the form of Espuma, and Cyro techniques to name a few.

While talking to ANI, Himanshu Gupta, co- owner of Trend, said, “The team has worked hard on curating new concepts using age old recipes and aims to deliver a memorable gourmet experience. Try their signature dishes like the Goat Cheese Tikki, Butter Pepper garlic crab, Achari Dal Parfait and see how it all comes together as they use of creative plating for their presentation.”

He added, “We have recently opened Trend and have experimented a lot with our menu and given it a new twist by infusing age old recipes and new ones. In the future we would love to open up more places and take trend across the country.”

So, if you’re looking for traditional cooking with a contemporary edge, this is probably the right place to be. We bring you the five best offerings of ‘Trend’ that you must binge on.

1. Crispy Aloo Chaat- If you are a lover of chaats then you must try this delicious crispy aloo chaat. Served with fruit salad, going by the name, crispy Aloo chaat is crisp and delicious.

2. Glazed Tofu & Glass Noodle Salad- The glazed tofu is a perfect sample of what we are in for. The dish comes beautifully plated with just the right amount of seasoned glass noodles to balance the melt-in-mouth bruleed tofu.

3. Eden Iced Tea- Unlike most iced teas, Eden Iced tea is a sweeter and fruitier one. This beverage brings together hints of strawberry and hibiscus stirred in with Himalayan tea.

4. The Holy Coconut shell and surprise- The Holy Coconut is the most gorgeous psychedelic mess, a couverture chocolate shell filled with a delicate coconut mousse and dotted with charnamrut coulis, sat amid white and milk chocolate soil, rose-raspberry coulis, dark chocolate cremeaux and pistachionut strugel. It’s a perfect offering for all chocolate lovers.

5. Pizza asparangi- All pizza lovers must bing on Pizza asparangi. This delicious offering is made with olive oil and garlic, mozzarella, blanched asparagus, prosciutto, gorgonzola, grated parmesan, and fresh basil. (ANI)