Follow values restore peace: Etala tells youth

Finance Minister E Rajender today exhorted the youth to have self confidence follow ethics and values and avoid foreign craze to serve India by following the preachings of Swamy Vivekananda. There is no peace and a sort of chaos is prevailing in the society. Addressing a mammoth gathering of about 3000 students on the occasion of 156th birth anniversary of Swamy Vivekananda at Ramakrishna Math here to mark National Youth Day here he expressed concern that youth are going wrong path by using smart phones and Whats App by harassing girls and women.

He said that youth should try to restore peace in society, follow values and give respect to family members. Rajender recalled that then President Abdul Kalam addressing the Assembly in 2014 replied his query that an Elementary Teacher and a Parent can help overcome the problems being faced by the society such as caste, religion, differences, poverty and corruption. He said that the government is giving priority to welfare, education and facilities like water, power and others. Chief Minister K Chandrasekahr Rao is making efforts for all round development and inclusive growth by offering equal opportunities to all sections in the state he said.

The youth should think among themselves whether they will follow Indian culture or will have craze for foreign culture. Going abroad after marriage leaving behind their poor parents is not that good he opined. Do not bring bad name and grief to your parents and instead become employable human beings to serve the society the minister said. He slammed the youth for using technology for atrocities against women, girls and wanted to see some positive change through their mindsets. The government is offering education, Rs 75000 to girls towards marriage and providing pensions to widows, old aged and physically disabled and providing 24 hour to farm sector. He said that people in villages also getting same drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha as that of people in Banjara Hills.(NSS)