Follow teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to end politics of hatred: Kanhaiya Kumar

Hyderabad: People of the country are honest but the rulers are not. With the seizure of Rs. 105 crore in Telangana, it shows that elections are not being fought on the strength of culture but on the power of money. These views were expressed by Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, former President of JNU Students’ Union, New Delhi while addressing an election meeting of Karwan Assembly Constituency to muster support in favour of Mr. Osman bin Mohammed Al Hajri who is a Congress candidate contesting from the area.

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar told that the steering of the car of TRS is with Amit Shah. On the side seat of the driver, Mr. KCR is sitting holding a kite in his hands. He further told that the friendship of Ram Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqullah Khan is not in danger since in 20-20 test, money is offered not only for making runs but also for getting out of the match. He also told that an attempt is being made to divide voters on a communal basis.

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar advised the youths to follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in order to end the politics of hatred. He condemned the attitude of Mr. KCR which he adopted for furthering the cause of 12% reservation.

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Aziz Pasha, former CPI MP of Rajya Sabha. Addressing the meeting, Mr. Osman bin Mohammed Al Hajri said that it is the duty of the election commission to conduct fair elections. He alleged that the local party leaders are spoiling the lives of the youths. He also said that his contest is against the land mafia. He assured that his campaign for the protection of wakf properties and to rehabilitate masajid will continue irrespective of the election result.

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