The fodder of ‘Triple Talaq’ and Adityanath’s communal politics before UP elections

No one to be left behind in the communal game that is being played in the country .Yogi Adityanath has once again issued a communally charged statement.

Obviously  it  was Adityanath’s turn to hog the lime light after Baba Ramdev and Sakshi Maharaj had their moments of glory recently.

“Muslims who feel that Shariat is supreme can relocate to countries where the Shariat laws are supreme” Thundered Adityanath  in response to All India Muslim Personal Law Board statement that courts were attempting to interfere with Muslim Personal laws. His statements further implied that India will be run according to the constitution of India and not according to Sharia.

Little does Adityanath know that India  runs according to the Constitution of India and not according to Sharia since the past seven decades.

Muslims do enjoy personal laws such as marriage, divorce, successions etc. And so do the other religious communities like Hindu, Parsi, Christian etc.

To refer to the matter of personal laws only with reference to Muslims has no justification except to create a hate and animosity against Muslims.

Considering that the speech was made in Ballia in Uttar Pradesh which is gearing up for assembly election next year, no Sherlock Holmes is needed to conclude the motive behind it.

Personal laws are not arbitrary. The provision for personal laws of various religious communities in India continued post independence after much thought and deliberation by people possessing better qualification and better intentions for India than those who are now advocating against it just to appease voters.

From the Islamic point of view the Muslim personal law are derived directly from divine injunctions in the Holy Quran. An attack on personal laws is an attack on the community’s very identity.

Advocating its elimination is a sure shot recipe to create unrest.

The only law among Muslim personal laws which is not a divine injunction is triple talaq.

It came into practice much later. Triple Talaq has not been recommended in the Quran and was never practiced during the time of the Prophet (PBUH).

On the contrary according to a hadith (Prophetic tradition), the Prophet (PBUH) was told of a person who had divorced his wife thrice in one sitting. Upon that the Prophet (PBUH) stood up in anger and said “You make fun of Allah’s book and I am still there among you” which clearly shows the Prophet’s (PBUH) disapproval of triple talaq.

According to Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, one of the four most prominent jurists of Islam, triple talaq is an innovation and should be treated as just one divorce.

It is up to the Islamic bodies in India now to either do away with triple talaq as has been done in several Muslim countries or stay adamant and continue with a law which apart from being unfair also weakens the Muslim case considerably.

As for Adityanath he needs to learn from his more hard working and productive colleagues. Counting used condoms in Universities is any day better than spreading communal  hatred and weaken the country .

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror