‘Focused’ PM Modi leads by example: Jaitley

New Delhi : With the NDA regime about to complete two years in office at the Centre, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has showered praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he is extremely hard working and leads by example.

“He is very hard working. Also, he has a good grasp over various issues. His biggest challenge as the chief minister of Gujarat was not the development of the state but the adversity that he had to face after the 2002 (riots). Any person can walk along with the wind. But his biggest quality was that he emerged out as a mass leader by walking against the wind,” he said in an exclusive interview to ETV head Jagdish Chandra.

Jaitley also pointed out that Modi despite all odds transformed himself very successfully within a short span of time from a chief minister to the country’s Prime Minister.

“He is a great communicator. He can speak out his thoughts very clearly; not only with global leaders but with the global market as well.The large Indian diaspora, which is spread across the globe, has found a focus in Modi ji,” he said.

“This is a Prime Minister, who leads by example. All the financial policies are made in the Finance Ministry but I inform him about all the policies and decisions as it is my duty,” he added. (ANI)