Focus on both physical and financial fitness: Sachin Tendulkar

Mumbai: Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar on Wednesday said that in order to live a completely healthy life, people should not only focus on physical fitness but also take note of their financial fitness.

“We see that most Indians who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle tend to focus largely on physical fitness, while financial fitness is far lower on their list of priorities,” the master-blaster said at the launch of #KeepMoving movement, which aims to redefine the idea of fitness for India.

“Through the #KeepMoving movement, we aspire to change the mindsets of Indians by redefining their idea of fitness. We hope to create awareness among them that in order to truly live the lifestyle of their choice, they need to focus on both- physical fitness and financial fitness,” Tendulkar added.

The campaign will launch with short films featuring the legend Tendulkar, who will encourage people to log onto #KeepMoving microsite.

Once on the microsite, people can do an audit of their physical fitness and financial fitness levels by taking a short assessment test. The test results would reveal their current fitness levels on both parameters, as well as provide advice and tips to help them improve their scores.