Flower expo in Tokyo aims to utilize gift of nature

Tokyo: Different varieties of flowers can be enjoyed in Japan throughout the seasons; flower arrangement has been a common practice traditionally and is constantly evolving. The annual “Flower Dream” show is the largest flower exhibition in the nation, introducing various facets of flower arrangement which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Top florists showcase their work in the exhibition held in Tokyo. Flowers are decorated all over bicycles, a diorama of a small garden delicately intricately designed, necklace, gloves; everything was made with real flowers.

“I am turning sixty this year and “anniversary” is the theme of the exhibition. So I decided to commemorate this special occasion using red motif which is traditionally a symbolic colour for sixtieth birthday in Japan. Using my favourite flower, roses, I’ve also put special emphasis on making it multi-dimensional with dynamic colours to give it more impact so that it’s enjoyable whenever I see it in my living room,” said Mizue Amemiya, a florist at the exhibition.

In recent times, flower arrangements using preserved flowers have also become very popular. Preserved flowers are real flowers processed using a special technique that allows them to retain fresh, life-like beauty for many years.

“It’s fascinating that how the arrangement can be infinite. I hope there’s more like this event so that we can be more familiar with flowers,” said one of the visitors. “The exhibition was filled with variety of art works representing Japanese style and European style. Also there were large arrangements and small arrangements. So it was really enjoyable. In Japan, we often send flowers as gifts but it would be lovely if we get them to decorate our own spaces more often,” said another.

Since ancient times, natural beauties have never ceased to inspire human imagination across the globe. Japanese people enjoy this process in a unique modern way.(ANI)