Flower exhibition held in Tripura to revitalize floriculture

Tripura (Agartala): Indian state of Tripura, known worldwide for its production of sweet pineapple and rubber, is now gradually making a mark in the floriculture sector. To encourage floriculture among the new generation womenfolk, a flower exhibition-cum-competition was recently held in the state.

Tripura is endowed with fertile soil, abundant moisture and with its sub-tropical climate, the state offers immense scope for production of a wide variety of flowers. To further boost floriculture in Tripura, particularly among the new generation womenfolk, the 33rd Annual Flower Exhibition cum competition was organized by Horticulture Society of Tripura.

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb, in the presence of Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy, inaugurated the four-day long flower show.

Climate of Tripura is suitable for Floriculture. The youth, which got its training from Bengaluru, is extensively involved in it. They say the business is profitable. So I would urge people to associate themselves with the practice.

While the chief minister emphasized on commercialization of floriculture in the state, the agriculture minister also informed that the state government was giving importance to this sector.

Flower lovers thronged the Rabindra Kanan Park to witness the colorful exhibition.

People came from far and wide to feast their eyes on an amazing floral display created by some of the city’s finest gardeners and hobby-gardeners, highlighting the beauty and versatility of different flowers.

Dahlia, gerbera, marigold, rose, chrysanthemum, orchid, Lilium, petunia, anthodium, and many other flowers were put on display.

Tripura has come up as a potential floriculture hub which is not only giving good returns to farmers but is also generating employment for the people in the region. Farmers are choosing floriculture over paddy and vegetable cultivation.

Also, as part of the 33rd Annual Flower Exhibition cum Competition, the Horticulture Society of Tripura organized a floral rangoli competition in Agartala to revive this ancient art, particularly among the new generation womenfolk. Rangoli, a dainty floor painting, is probably one of the most popular ancient tradition and folk art of India. But this popular traditional art is gradually getting lost in the fast life in cities.

Papia Saha, one of the participants in the competition said, “I am feeling good to be part of this event. And I am trying my best to do it better. This is my first time here.”

I am feeling good to be part of this event. And I am trying my best to do it better. This is my first time here.

The name and style of ‘rangoli’ in different regions vary, but the spirit and culture behind it are similar. It symbolizes beauty and provides a welcoming environment during festivals, celebrations, and marriages.

The basic concept of having a flower show is to encourage people to realize that along the traditional flowers there are different types of flowers which can be grown in the state as because of the suitable climate and soil.