Flower, designer, Halloween-themed.. creative masks steal show!

Being under lockdown has given everyone a chance to try something different and people have used this opportunity to bring out their creativity and passion into something new every day.

As masks became the essential wear for everyone due to pandemic, people poured creativity into making masks and made themselves stand out in the (regular-masked) crowd.

Here are some amazing designs we found so far…

Well India is definitely the one to celebrate its colors the most happily.

This florist from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, brings out beautiful floral designed masks which can be adorned by couples during their special day. But not just that, the mask, as it contains some aromatic flowers, can also help the couple ease their tension on the wedding day.

Halloween isn’t here yet, but this insta user is ready for it.


The don’t hide your smile mask.

For the people who promote motivation.

In honor of social distancing measures put in place, one face mask for sale on Amazon is a three pack of black colored masks that have the phrase “If You Can Read This You Are Too Close” on them.

The fashion brands got even more creative to show off…