For Flood victims of Bihar, Rs. 10 lakh and one lorry of clothes collected – Siasat’s appeal got good response

Hyderabad: Siasat Urdu Daily had made an appeal to its readers to donate generously to the victims of flood in Bihar. This appeal met with good response. So far, Rs. 10 lakh have been collected and lorry full of clothes have also been donated by the people.

A social activist of Bihar, Mr. Mujahid Alam had requested Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat for help. It is reported that many areas of Kishan Gunj are still submerged in flood water. Govt. of Bihar shifted them to higher buildings and arrangements are being made to provide them food but there are many places where access is not possible. In such places, food packets are being dropped through helicopter.

The local residents are of the opinion that permanent solutions are organized planning is essential to save people from floods.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that in response to the appeal made by Siasat Urdu Daily, Faiz-e-Aam Trust, Helping Hand organization and Philanthropic citizens of Hyderabad donated generously for these flood victims.

He informed that very soon relief material would be sent to Bihar. An estimate is being prepared for the rehabilitation of flood victims of Kishan Gunj. There is no use sending food grains and other relief material since the flood victims are not in a position to cook their food.

Siasat Urdu Daily concentrates on the permanent rehabilitation of the victims instead of providing temporary help. Earlier, Siasat constructed houses in Ahmedabad and Muzaffarnagar for riot victims.

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