Flight services disrupted for second day

Hyderabad, April 30: Disruption in Air India flight services was more severe on Thursday than the day before with the national carrier being able to fly only four flights from Hyderabad till evening.

The flights that the airlines could fly were: Hyderabad-Bangalore, Hyderabad-Delhi, Hyderabad-Vizag and Hyderabad-Mumbai.

In fact on Thursdays, Air India flies 20 flights from Hyderabad to various destinations both domestic and international.

Since the pilots were on strike, the management had decided to fly only 12 flights but even that was not possible.

“We had the contingency plan to fly 12 flights. But we could not fly them with executive pilots too joining the strike,” a spokesperson of Air India said.

She, however, said that there was not much inconvenience because most of the passengers had been accommodated on other flights and all of them were aware of the fact that the pilots were on strike and that most of the flights had been cancelled.

When reports last came in, of the four international flights one each to Damman, Chicago, Dubai and Kuwait, the one for Kuwait has already been cancelled and a decision on the remaining flights was awaited.