FLI raises USD 500k in first round of funding

New Delhi [India]: India’s biggest fitness reality event Fitness League of India (FLI) has raised first round of funding worth USD 500k with Asia’s largest integrated franchise and retail solution company, Franchise India, along with other investors.

“We realised that fitness in India is still not main stream and is limited to male bodybuilding. We wanted to break that stereotype and revolutionise the Indian fitness industry by giving people the opportunity to showcase their fitness levels especially women,” said founder, TG Connect and FLI, Tarun Gill.

“The fitness sector in India is growing at a rapid rate of over 18 percent, and specially in women, the idea of being fit needs to get promoted. It is very delightful to be a part of this fitness initiative where women can also explore their way in the fitness world,” said chairman, Franchise India, Gaurav Marya.

FLI is not just a competition, but a serious career option helping many Indian youngsters make money every season.

Over sixteen teams, with more than ninety six players is touted to make considerable amount every season.(ANI)