Flavours of Peru: Journey to the land of diverse culinary history

New Delhi [India]: Peruvian cuisine, considered among the best in the world, is a culinary fusion developed over a long process of cultural exchange between the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, Japanese and Italians, among others.

The dishes became more and more varied as races, mixed and migrants, landed at the port of Callao. With such diverse culinary history, Peru indeed is a must visit for foodies.

Peruvian cuisine has flourished in recent years because of the diversity of dishes served at restaurants around the world. These include Peruvian-Oriental fusion dishes, such as maki and chifa, Italian-Peruvian food such as mondonguito a la italiana (Italian-style tripe), tagliatelle with pesto, among other delicious combinations.

In various parts of the country we find proposals that will be responsible to sweeten our palate. The cuisine of Lima, North Shore, Amazon, Arequipa, Andean and Novoandina expected to give a unique dining experience.

# Cuisine of the Northern Coast

The cuisine of Peru’s northern coast fits perfectly with its warm climate and offers a delectable variety of seafood and fish to the most discriminating tastes of visitors. A delicious way to savour the varied flavours of ceviches and sudado stews is by accompanying it with a cold beer or corn-based chicha de jora.

Red meat lovers can enjoy the exquisite cabrito kid meat from the goats raised in the area.

This dish, among a cornucopia of both sweet and savoury dishes, make the northern coast an ideal place to visit.

# Amazonian Cuisine

If only given one phrase to describe the varied cuisine of the Peruvian Amazon, it would be a “culinary delight.” Food from the Peruvian Amazon not only entices with its exotic dishes, but also attracts travellers with its great variety of delicacies such as beef, poultry, fish, mutton and pork.

It also offers other examples of Pachamama’s abundance, such as majaz, with its lean meat and delicious flavour, or plantains, used as a main ingredient in many recipes. And what better companion for this tantalizing food than the fresh juice of countless kinds of fruit, or other drinks, such as masato guaranteed to pamper the palate of our most indulged visitors.

# Cuisine of Lima

Without a doubt, Lima’s cuisine has earned it an excellent and well-deserved position as one of the top gastronomic capitals of the world. In addition to hosting the most important food fair in Latin America, its culinary variety delights locals and visitors alike.

With its iconic dishes, ceviche and tiradito, Lima is a prime destination for those who love good cuisine. Its gastronomy is the result of disparate influences: African, indigenous and Chinese, which all coalesce in delicious dishes that enchant even the most demanding palates.

# Cuisine of Arequipa

You will love Arequipa’s food and restaurants, also known as picanterĂ­as, where the delicious aromas of the regional repast waft through the air along with the heat of wood fires. Rocoto peppers, the area’s iconic delicacy, solterito cheese salad, white soup, pork crackling, guisado stew, and the famous adobo dominical all entice visitors.

During your encounter with the White City of Arequipa, don’t forget to try the traditional corn chicha accompanied by a delicious anise drink, Najar, which eases digestion.

# Andean Cuisine

The Peruvian mountains are synonymous with variety. Andean cuisine abounds with stews, soups, meats, and exquisite desserts made from corn, milk and fruits. Combining the high nutritional value of the Andean ingredients in a traditional earthen pot over a wood fire to create the most delicious dishes of this hearty cuisine would be any chef’s dream.

Chicha corn beer was the traditional beverage of the ancient inhabitants of the Andes, and the tradition still lives on today. If you wish to sip the exotic liquors distilled in the highlands, you can chose between wines and artisanal ciders, the most common drinks apart from chicha. Don’t forget to try the breads and the wawas, santiagos, and bolitos de agua pastries, which, without question will give your already ecstatic palate a new thrill.

# Novo-Andean cuisine

Novo-Andean cuisine is a new style originating from Peru that reclaims the culinary customs of its pre-Hispanic past and, therefore, rediscovers many local ingredients. The recreation of Andean cuisine draws on elements from other cultural landscapes, such as Europe. (ANI)