‘Flag on wheels’, another feather in Sudha Car Museum’s cap

Hyderabad: Coinciding with the 70th Independence Day, K Sudhakar Reddy of Sudha Car Museum has designed a car in the shape of the tricolour. The latest creation was unveiled on Monday.

Reddy holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest tricycle in the world. He has a collection of 54 cars at his museum located at Bahadurpura. The collection has cars in different shapes, including a cricket bat, a cricket ball, a cigarette, a high-heeled shoe, a camera and so on.

The ‘National Flag Car’, is powered by a 150cc engine and can travel at a speed of 40kmph. It is a single seater, has 33 wheels. According to Reddy, this car will run on Tuesday on Buddha Purnima Road near Tank Bund between 2 pm and 6 pm.