How to fix your makeup this New Year

New Delhi [India]: As festivals and weddings come to a close and night-long wild parties come for a brief halt, it’s time to shake up and wash off the overloaded makeup-ed skin.

Now, allow your skin to breathe a natural fresh air!

The key to natural, flawless glowing skin begins with a fantastic skin preparation. Skin does not look happy when it is dry, tired, cracked or oily.

Hence, according to Shikhee Agrawal, Head Training, The Body Shop, if you prepare the skin on your face correctly before you add your actual makeup, you will not need as much makeup to “fix” any given skin situation you might be faced with allowing an opportunity for your “natural, flawless glowing skin” to shine through.

Once the skin is properly prepped, apply your makeup as usual being mindful to go lighter on the foundation and powder. With a good skin prep you won’t need to pile on the foundation, rather, it’s more about spot checking the areas on your face that need help and then delicately dusting your translucent powder over those areas to set the makeup you have applied.

This will create a much more natural appearance to your skin before adding the final touches to the rest of your makeup look.

Product tips:

1. Use water based foundations enriched with rose water which would not only give coverage but will also work well on sensitive skin.

2. Wipe off makeup with cleanser or cleansing milk just apt for your skin type. Look out for cleansing solutions available in varying format: butter, lotion and water based .Go a little careful while removing your eye makeup.

Go for more natural and nude on eye makeup but pout your lips with on-trend shades of pink, plum and red. (ANI)