Fix your make-up mistakes with ease

New Delhi: No matter how focused you are when attempting to line your eyelids with liquid liner, or how perfectly you line our lips before layering on the lipstick, make-up application doesn’t always go as planned. However, a few quick fixes can save your time and face.

Experts of beuaty brand L’OrĂ©al Paris have come up with a list of some common mistakes women make while applying make-up and also how to fix them.

* If you over-powdered your face: If you’ve applied a little too much powder or foundation, immediately reach for a mist – be it water from a bottle or a spray can. Cup your hands over your eyes as you spray, making sure not to remove or smudge your eye make-up. Once your face is damp, take a tissue and blot away the excess – or you’ll end up with a caked face of make-up.

* If your dark lipstick won’t come off: If you opt for a dark shade of lipstick, and later changed your mind, don’t panic. Soak a cotton ball in make-up remover or coconut oil and press it over your lips to break up the pigment. If you aren’t at home, you can also apply a lighter lipstick, then wipe it off to take off some of the darker pigment as well.

* If you overdrew your eyebrows: It’s perfectly normal to get a little too excited about creating brows that are on point, even if it means you are over-drawing them. Fortunately, you can fix it easily by taking a clean spoolie and dipping it in make-up remover.

Work it through your brows in an upward, shimmying motion. Warm water will also work if you don’t have a readily available make-up remover. Also, avoid reaching for an oil while doing this, as it will cause all of the pigments to melt down your face, ruining your perfectly unified skin.

* If you overdrew your cat eye: Overdrawing a cat eye is one of the most common beauty mistakes women make. As you try to perfect the lines and make each side equal to the other, most of the time, you end up with thick, scary looking top lids.

To reverse this mistake, soak a Q-tip in eye cream instead of make-up remover to erase the extra lines. This will moisturise the eye instead of just drying it out, which will make it easier to reapply any shadow that may come off in the removal process.

* If you applied too much bronzer: Sometimes in the process of achieving the most natural or sun-kissed look, you tend to go a little too heavy on the bronzer. To fix this issue, take a sponge with some concealer on it and buff out the excess powder. Or, if you would prefer a matte look, grab a fluffy brush and swipe on some translucent powder which will tone down the colour without removing it.