Five Zonal clues teams set up under Cyberabad Police Commissionerate

Cyberabad Police Commissioner C V Anand has announced establishment of five “zonal clues teams” under Cyberabad Commissionerate limits here on Monday.

The five zonal clues teams in Cyberabad were created to respond faster to the calls from the police stations and reaching the crime scenes immediately to prevent the damage of physical evidence and left them for assisting in investigation work. The five zonal clues teams offices were located at Madapur Zone (Madapur DCP office), Balanagar Zone (Balanagar DCP Office), Malkajgiri Zone (Nacharam PS), LB Nagar Zone (LB Nagar DCP Office) and Shamshabad Zone (Rajendra Nagar PS).


Each zonal clues team comprises of two police constables, two Home Guards and two drivers with four-wheeler vehicles, out of which a PC, HG and drivers will work on a 24-hour shift. The teams have undergone a week’s training at TSFSL in the various divisions for preservation, gathering and shifting to the laboratory the various material objects of biological, serological, toxic ballistic, physical and documentary evidences encountered in various crime scenes. They also issued kits used for handling all kinds of material evidences which are latest in technology. The teams also underwent training in developing, lifting and photograph latent finger prints along with the crime scene reconstruction.

The zonal clues teams will function preserving crime scene, recording of the crime scene using videography and photography by using modern technology, developing, photography and lifting of latent finger prints in crime scene, collection, packing and shifting material objects (maintaining proper chain of custody) to the laboratory for analysis, there by helping the investigating police in detection and conviction of cases. (NSS)