Five Muslims nominated as Chairmen of various corporations

Hyderabad: At last, good days have come for the TRS leaders who were waiting for their nominations to various corporations. CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR nominated five Muslim candidates setting aside the normal traditions.

During the regime of integrated A.P., Minorities used to be nominated only on Minority institutions.

Mr. Meer Inayath Ali Baqueri (Hyderabad) has been nominated chairman of SETWIN. Mr. Shaik Budhan Baig (Khammam) has been nominated Chairman of Telangana State Industrial Development Corporation. Mr. Syed Abdul Aleem ( Nizamabad) has been nominated as chairman of Nedcap, Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Zahid (Warangal) is nominated as Chairman of Khaadi and Village Industries Board and Mr. Syed Akbar Husain (Kareem Nagar) as chairman of Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation.

In addition to these appointments, non-Minority candidates have also been appointed as chairmen of various corporations. Mr. B. Sampath Kumar Gupta is appointed chairman, Telangana State Handicrafts Corporation. Mr. G. Nagender Goud is nominated as Telangana State Education and Welfare Infrastructure Development Corporation.

It may be noted that Mr. KCR has given representation to 5 districts of Telangana, namely: Hyderabad, Warangal, Khammam, Nizamabad and Kareem Nagar. Recently, Mr. Mohammed Saleem, TRS MLC has been elected chairman of Telangna State Wakf Board. In this manner, so far, 6 Muslims have been nominated to 6 institutions.

Authentic sources indicated that in the appointment of Muslim candidates, Mr. KCR’s son, Mr. KTR played an important role. A candidate recommended by Kareem Nagar MP, Mr. Vinod Kumar has been nominated as chairman of a corporation.

Reliable sources indicated that CM is getting ready for making appointments to 10 more corporations soon. He has been consulting various ministers and officers.

–Siasat News