Five Muslim friends perform final rites of a Hindu man

Kamareddy: In an example of communal harmony and humanity, Muslim neighbours of a Hindu man helped perform his last rites in Kamareddy district of Telangana. An elderly Hindu man died after suffering from COVID-19 and was in his home quarantine period. After his death, none of his relatives or neighbors has come forward to perform his final rites. Even worse, was that his family members were helpless as all them were home quarantine.  

When this news has reached a group of five Muslim friends, they have come forward to help perform the funeral. From gathering wood for the funeral to carrying the body to the crematorium, the boys helped to perform all rituals.

Amir-bin; Fahad bin Yahiya; Qadeer; Kabeer and ghouse have collectively taken it as their communal responsibility. The entire work was done with PPE kits and all safety measures.