Five militants killed in Yemen air raids

At least five militants were killed Monday during air raids on Al Qaeda conducted by Yemen’s air force in the country’s southeastern region, an official said.

“There were three air strikes against Al Qaeda hideouts in Shabwa province. A total of five insurgents were killed during the air bombing,” Xinhua quoted a local military official as saying.

The targeted Al Qaeda militants were active tactical-level leaders who had planned and executed direct and indirect attacks and ambushes against army forces in Shabwa, the military source said.

Army troops Monday continued their progress against Al Qaeda militants in two militant areas and strongholds in the valley of Dheka in Shabwa’s Azzan town.

The battle was “very intense”, and “there is a clear and definite decision by the military leadership that Azzan town and the Mahfad town in neighbouring southern province of Abyan must go back under the control of the Yemeni army”, the source said.

Arms and ammunition have also been seized from the Al Qaeda fighters during Monday’s fighting, he further added.

Earlier Sunday, the country’s defence ministry said its forces killed 37 Al Qaeda militants in the southeastern province of Shabwa.