Five Holi revelers drown in Maharashtra

Palghar: Five Holi revellers drowned in the Arabian Sea at Arnala Beach in Vasai, Maharashtra. Their bodies were recovered on Friday, police said.

According to an official, the victims, who were among the seven members of two families hailing from Vasai’s Gokul Park, had gone to the beach to celebrate Holi on Thursday.

They were cavorting on the beach around noon, unaware when the high tide waters trapped them and washed them into the deep waters. Others in the vicinity raised an alarm after hearing their cries for help.

After nearly six hours search by multiple agencies, only one body was recovered on Thursday, two more around midnight and after a nightlong sea search, the other two bodies were fished out on Friday morning.

The victims have been identified as: Nisha K. Morya, 36, Prashant K. Morya, 17, Priya K. Morya, 19, Kanchan M. Gupta, 35, and Sheetal D. Gupta, 32.