Five easy fixes for your worst summer hair problems

New Delhi: The summer heat has begun gracing us all and hair problems due to extreme heat cannot be ignored. Here are some easy and quick remedies for healthy hair!

“Sun UV rays are extremely damaging to the hair. Protection of hair by using hats, headscarves, turban, etc are very important to maintain its freshness and quality,” said Shahnaz Husain, a beauty expert.

Beat the heat with these simple home remedies instead of costly spa treatments.

Dehydrated and dry hair:

Natural dryness or dryness caused by chemicals both need regular moisturizing. Here is what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Apply oil for five minutes daily before washing the hair. Use mustard/coconut oil for this treatment as any physically processed oil is best for hair. Keeping the body hydrated is a must and don’t forget to avoid hot styling tools and sun.


It happens when hair is not maintained well during summers. If hair texture is oily or normal, apply henna mixed with water and a spoon of curd. Henna should be applied only for 15 minutes before wash. This gives good control to oily scalp and adds natural gloss to the color of hair. It also adds bounce to flat hair.

Split ends:

Every girl experiences split end troubles which make hair look rough and out of style. Sadly, split hair cannot be treated with any kind of products. Once you have it, you have to cut it. Best is to be regular with haircuts during summers and be gentle while brushing and washing. If you are regular with preconditioning, there will not be any split ends.


It is common and gets severe if not treated on time. To treat dandruff, it’s important to keep hair clean all the time. Wash hair daily with natural water on normal temperature. Avoid hot water bath in summers.

Also, mix turmeric (haldi) with water and apply it on the scalp for 15 minutes before washing once in 15 days. Haldi is very good for treating dandruff but the daily wash is a must. In case of oily dandruff in hair, wash hair frequently and do not apply any hair care pack on the scalp. Consulting a doctor in the case of oily dandruff is a must.

Hair fall:

It is something which never leaves you in any season. Hair fall happens because of excessive sweating and heat. Consume a healthy diet, including lots of fluids, salads, seasonal vegetables, etc. Be regular with haircut and cleaning. Preconditioning and daily wash is the most helpful in hair fall.

Apply oil to hair for 10 minutes daily before wash and avoid hair shampoo. If your hair is clean, it will not fall.
Haircut takes off the extra weight from the scalp. Also makes ends healthy which work for hair fall. No medicine or treatment works better than preconditioning, wash and cut for hair fall.

Enjoy flawless hair with these easy hair care solutions. Happy summers.