Five AMU teachers die over past week; some showed ‘COVID-like symptoms’

Aligarh: Five Aligarh Muslim University teachers have died in the past week after brief illnesses, some of them showing “COVID-like symptoms”.

During the same period, five retired faculty members have also died.

Irfan Ahmad (61), Department of Museology chairman, and Assistant Prof Faisal Aziz (45) died in the past 24 hours, with their family members saying they displayed COVID-like symptoms.

In a condolence message, the university said they died following “brief illness” and did not mention COVID as the reason of their death.

The three other teachers who died in the past week are Prof Maula Baksh (59) from the Department of Urdu, Prof Saeed Zaman from the university polytechnic and Prof Ahsanullah Fahad (50) from the Department of Theology.

Professor Zaman died in Meerut, his hometown.

Among the five retired teachers who died was Humayun Murad (76), a former dean and an elected member of the AMU court.

The other former teachers who have died in the past week were Prof Nabi Ahmad, Prof Iqbal Ali, Prof Saeed Zafar and Prof Zubair Ahmad.