FITPASS, SBI join hands for exclusive tie-up; integrates FITPASS into SBI Buddy app

New Delhi: In a major development which adds momentum to the push for a digital-first India, FITPASS, the all-access pass to gyms and fitness studios, has tied up with the State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest banking institution, for an exclusive partnership.

Recognising the needs of consumers, SBI has tied up with FITPASS to introduce a new category named “Health & Fitness” on the SBI Buddy app. This will allow SBI Buddy users to access payments-related services from SBI, as well as curated fitness solutions from FITPASS.

India is now counted amongst the most unfit countries in the world. In fact, one in three Indians is classified as medically unfit / suffering from a lifestyle disease that could have been easily prevented.

“Fitness is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Financial institutions have also realised that customers are looking for more than just restaurant or travel discounts from their banking partners. This is where we stepped into the picture. Our partnership with SBI is bringing together two category leaders to provide top-notch customer experiences,” said co-founder and director FITPASS, Akshay Verma.

“As a full stack 360-degree solution, FITPASS makes fitness affordable and accessible. Now, with State Bank Buddy as our partner, we aim to serve consumers across India to help them get fit and stay fit,” added Verma.

The development is in line with the recent push for Digital India, the government’s ambitious plan to extend the benefits of digitisation to every last citizen in the country. Through its partnership with SBI, which has been amongst the leading proponents and promoters of the Digital India vision, FITPASS is adding to the initiative’s momentum by making fitness-related services and solutions more accessible to the country’s end-users.

“The wider consumer ecosystem understands that there is significant demand for personalised digital solutions in fitness. Combine the offering with a broad-based payments solution and you create a seamless user experience. Something like how a credit card acts as a priority pass to airport lounges. FITPASS is by far one of the best technology led fitness service provider in the country, and SBI partnered with it after rigorous scrutiny of market opportunities. Through this association, State Bank of India customers are receiving never-before-access to workouts and nutritionist assistance on their fingertips with zero hassles,” said chairman Franchise India and investor in FITPASS, Gaurav Marya.

Backed by investments from Abhinav Bindra, India’s ace-shooter and Olympic gold medallist, Mumbai Angels and others, FITPASS is a comprehensive health and fitness platform which offers users the most convenient and affordable options to keep fit despite busy schedules, helping them get closer to their goal of leading healthier lifestyles.

It is an app-based universal pass to thousands of gyms and fitness studios. FITPASS members can workout anywhere, anytime. FITPASS flagship product offerings also include personal nutritionist services and artificial intelligence led fitness coaching plans. (ANI)