Fitness junkies go take a chocolaty break

New Delhi, Nov. 26: In the era of fitness frenzy, one often gets stuck in the dilemma of whether to grab a piece of delicious, luscious and scrumptious chocolate or to think that the little devil will increase their body fat.

Breaking the myth that chocolate makes a person fat, Vibhu Mahajan, the Chief Operating Office at Choko La, revealed that if consumed in the right way chocolate doesn’t make a person fat, instead it is beneficial for their health.

Vibhu, further said, “Education plays an important part in this as there are two types of chocolate- couverture chocolate and compound chocolate, couverture is good for health but compound is not.”

“Most of the time people are unable to differentiate between the two. However, couverture chocolate does not have Trans Fat in them, so they do not increase a person’s body fat. Dark chocolate as a fact has proven to be very healthy for the heart,” he added.

Meanwhile, talking about how healthy dark chocolate is, Choko La’s chocolate Chef Gunjan Khetarpal said that not only it is good for people, who are suffering from high blood pressure; dark chocolate is very healthy for skin as well because it has high cocoa content.

Pointing a caution towards the consumption of milk chocolate which has very low cocoa content and are high in sugar, Gunjan added that milk chocolate is only a tongue teaser as it just tastes good but is not healthy and should not be consumed in high quantity.

So next time when you fitness junkies think of grabbing a piece of these sweet devils, don’t pull your hand off as it is a good treat before you hit the gym. (ANI)