Fisherman strikes Ghol fish weighing 30kg, sold it for 5.5 lakh

Two Palghar fishermen netted a ghol fish in Mumbai, which got them Rs 5.5 lakh the next day, making it the costliest fish to be caught along the Mumbai- Palghar coastline. The ghol fish is known as ‘the fish with a heart of gold’.

The ghol fish (scientific name Protonibea diacanthus), which weighed around 30kg, was netted by a fisherman named Mahesh Meher and his brother Bharat, and the next day it fetched him Rs 5.5 lakh.

The ghol is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans, along with the coasts of the Persian Gulf countries. The Ghol fish skin is considered as a good source of high-quality collagen, which can be used in various ways like the manufacture of functional food, cosmetic products and also medicines. No wonder, global demand for ghol is rising steadily.

Ghol auction was completed in just 20 minutes as the news of the Meher brothers’ precious catch spread like wildfire. By the time they touched the coast, traders were already waiting there to take part in the impending auction. The auction ended with an exporter quoting Rs 5.5 lakhs.

The Meher brothers later said that they have been fishing for over two decades, and until now they had only heard of the ghol being netted by other fishermen but had never seen one themselves. Every fisherman hopes to get lucky with a ghol, it is like winning the marine lottery. “