Fish medicine distribution ends, 75,567 patients take prasadam

The distribution of fish medicine program to asthma patients concluded this morning at 9 am at Exhibition grounds here on Saturday.
According to organizers, about 75,567 people were administered the fish medicine till this afternoon. The Bathina family members said they will administer fish medicine at their residence at Doodbowli.

ACP Bixam Reddy said the distribution of fish medicine was over officially. He said this year over 75,000 patients utilized the medicine. Last year, only 59,000 patients came, he said and explained that the distribution program held successfully without any trouble with the coordination of all departments. He thanked one and all for extending full cooperation to the police staff. He asked the patients, who didn’t get the medicine, to visit Bathina family’s residence at Doodbowly. (NSS)