First-time travel experiences can be the secret to success in life

New Delhi [India]: Travelling to new places and opening your mind to different, novel experiences inspire life’s enriching changes, says a study.

The research, done by, surveyed over 15,000 people from 20 countries worldwide, including India.

Some of the key findings from Indian respondents are shared below:

– For Indians, first-time travel is considered to be more memorable than their first pet (58 percent), first date (56 percent) or making a new friend (55 percent).

– Women (48 percent) are more likely than men (40 percent) to say they remember travelling somewhere for the first time more vividly than their first kiss!

– More than half (50 percent) of Indian respondents are planning to travel solo for the first time in 2017.

– Among the 42 percent who have been on a solo trip, their first one was a road trip (22 percent), and among the 76 percent of those who have been on a family trip, their first one was a cultural trip (18 percent).

– Indians generally started travelling when they’re a bit older – only 24 percent had taken their first trip by the age of 10. About half (49 percent) had their first trip between ages 18 and 34.

– Women (22 percent) are more likely than men (11%) to have had their first travel experience outside of India. (ANI)